Trish Michelle is a cancer thriver, public speaker & advocate. She was in her 30s when she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer).

Realizing that the second hardest thing after hearing “You have cancer”, was finding a strong community of peers in which to bond & support through difficult times. As such, Trish volunteers her time with numerous nonprofits & serves as an ambassador for the NY chapter of The Breasties. She is also cofounder of the @hiphop_happyhour community which has raised well over $13,000 in one year.

Using humor and real talk, Trish has used social media to connect and advocate. Her refreshing candor and unique voice has been featured on The Ellen Show, The Today Show, Fox5NY, News12, and recently on Healthline, to name a few.

Trish works tirelessly to raise funds, awareness, provide representation & is actively fighting systems to create an inclusive and progressive movement toward equity, particularly in the cancer and chronic illness community.

Follow along with her on Instagram @trish_newyorkcity