Summer 2019, 37 years old, I started getting fatigued, having bladder control issues and then started bleeding even though I had an IUD in place. My doctor found a cyst and that led to tests that showed an elevated CA-125. The doctor referred me to an oncologist even though I was too young to get cancer. The oncologist agreed that I was too young and scheduled a hysterectomy, however he only wanted to take out the ovary that had the cyst. Nov. 2019, two days after turning 38 I woke up from surgery to find that I had stage 3a Fallopian tube cancer. Two weeks later while still recovering from surgery and waiting for a game plan I felt a lump in my breast. Five days later I was also diagnosed with stage 1 idc breast cancer. Genetic testing was rushed and a few weeks later we discovered I have a BRCA1 gene mutation. 18 weeks (every week for 18 weeks), and 1 blood transfusion later I had a scan that showed Ned. As a precaution for my breast I underwent a lumpectomy and then radiation twice a day for five days. I also started taking a parp inhibitor (chemo pill) to help further prevent any reoccurrence. Last Friday June 25, I had a double mastectomy to even further reduce the chances of a return. I chose no reconstruction. I will probably use a prosthesis, but I may not. I will continue to be on the parp inhibitor (Lynparza) for the foreseeable future.

It’s been quite a journey, but this last surgery will hopefully allow me to “move on” and “close this chapter “.

I was not given the chance to previve. I had to come out fighting and surviving.