​Hi, my name is Ria @thisgirlisthriving👋🏽 I am located in Seattle, Washington. I am a wife and mother. I am faith filled and choose to walk by faith. I am a skin cancer survivor and breast cancer thriver.

My breast cancer was found through a routine mammogram. I did not have any symptoms, nor history of breast cancer on either side of my family. On November 26, 2018, I was clinically diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. I went through 6 rounds of TCHP chemotherapy. I had a mastectomy with a direct implant. The pathology report came back “complete response!” No evidence of disease! The radiologist said I will not be needing radiation.

Unfortunately due to an infection, my implant had to be removed. It took me almost a year to decide to stay flat and not try for reconstructive surgery. It is such a very personal choice.

Life after cancer is hard. I believe it is harder than active treatment. It reminds me of battle ropes. It comes in waves. I have given my fear of recurrence to God. To choose faith over fear. I choose to share my story and my journey of life after cancer, in hopes to let others know that they are not alone.

I have been blessed with many opportunities and connected with some amazing people. I have gained beautiful friendships in the process. I choose to help others and raise awareness for all cancers. I truly believe that God has chosen this path for me. I am more than just my cancer story. I am not just surviving, but I am thriving.