“Have you heard of a Knitted Knocker?” Well, if you haven’t and have underdone any kind of mastectomy without reconstruction, a unilateral or loss of a breast you need to NO more about Knitted Knockers. Knitted Knockers was founded in 2011 by Barbara Demorest, a Washington woman who could not have reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. As she looked for alternatives to the available prosthetic options, Demorest learned from her doctor how to design and make a knitted insert.

After undergoing emergency surgery November 13, 2021 and lost my right implant, I was facing a very hard time and only wore sweatshirts that were baggy for 12 weeks post-surgery. I would not leave the house, just felt terrible, like my womanhood had been stripped from me. One day on Facebook I saw a couple of ladies talking about Knitted Knockers, immediately I went on the website and saw this beautiful handmade breast prosthesis. As I was on the site, I noticed you can request one for free or how to help Knitted Knockers.

Knockers are needed in all sizes and colors so have fun making the Knockers of your choice. Knitted Knockers has changed my life in many ways and has given me a more comfortable feeling. The knocker itself is soft, comfortable, and just beautiful. You can slip it right in the pocket of your bra! It is great for date night and meetings. I am going through a different phase as my daughter would say “You are a butterfly mommy, you are beautiful, and it’s OK.”

Barbara has put her heart and soul into this product and has made it very accessible and free for women who need them. Thank you for creating this life changing product and continuing to make such an impact.

Tracy Milgram

Founder of BRCAStrong