In the past almost 3 years I’ve seen my wife go through a lot of ups and downs. She has faced many adversities that’s gotten the best of her. I want to take the time to extremely thank Amoena from the bottom of my heart for the gift of happiness you have given her.

I have never seen her try something on that immediately brought so much joy to her. The look on her face from putting on a bathing suite Amoena provided her brought tears of joy to me and her she looked like a kid in the candy store, with smiles from ear to ear.

I want to thank you so much for giving her the confidence to feel amazing. Amoena you are doing fabulous things for our community.

Mastectomy bathing suits and bikinis are swimwear which has been specially designed for women who have undergone breast surgeries. Some women may have had lumpectomy, or complete single or double mastectomies. Some women choose to have one of the different types of breast reconstruction.

After breast surgery, some women recreate a breast shape to conceal the breast tissue using a breast form (also known as a breast prosthesis). Made of silicone, breast forms mimic the shape of a breast.

Women can use their breast forms to customize their swimwear to suit their own shape. How is this done? By placing their breast form (or in the case of double mastectomy breast forms) into the specially designed pockets of the mastectomy swimsuit.

Some women wearing prosthesis feel more confident in their mastectomy swimsuit or bikini knowing the post-surgical chest that symmetrical. Other women choose not to wear breast forms, preferring the freedom of ‘going flat and fabulous’ in their swimwear! Ultimately, this a matter of personal choice.

BRCAStrong has partnered with Amoena as their vision, mission and values align with ours. We are both committed to supporting women’s confidence and feeling whole again.

Supporting women’s confidence to live an active life after diagnosis of breast cancer or women who are otherwise breast-shape challenged. We are committed to always challenge status quo and look for better, smarter and more innovative solutions, education programs and network that support female confidence.

To be the number one trusted partner in supporting women’s confidence.
We strive to be a significant part of the individual’s life journey to support women’s confidence after breast surgery – from diagnosis to retail. By creating and maintaining strong relations, we aim to inspire, empower and help. We educate and equip our retailers and healthcare professionals with innovative solutions, to ensure our consumers get the best possible service and customized fit.

Our 4 Values
1. Women First
We care, we listen, we support women with breast cancer on their journey. We unite around her needs and demands – and we want to give her a voice and a platform to stand together.

2. Passion
We are passionate about supporting women’s confidence and body image as we are committed to making a true difference in women’s lives.

3. Respect
We build relationships on honesty and respect with consumers, partners and our team. We are open and respectful to everyone. We respect uniqueness and individuality, and we address it accordingly.

4. Drive and Ambition
We drive innovation through high pace and with an ambitious agenda. We take pride in our work and we celebrate successes in finding better ways to support our customers. Setting the bar high is in our DNA.

Thank you

Tracy Milgram
Founder of BRCAStrong