​I am Vicki a 5 year stage 3A GCT Ovarian cancer survivor.

6 years ago at the age of 37, after years of failed pregnancies I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a failed attempt at saving eggs I entered into chemo. 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. I lost my hair, my ability to have children & so much more.

Fast forward 2 years to 2017, I was told I carried the ATM gene mutation, increasing my chances of breast cancer by 60%+. At the same time my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I immediately knew I needed to have a preventative double mastectomy. There was no way I would gamble with cancer again!

September 2017, I had my first surgery, then 2 more due to complications… In July 2018, my husband & I made the move from Denver back to our home town of Cleveland to make sure we were able to embrace the nieces & family we had there.

A month later my brother, who was still in Denver was diagnosed with Nonhogdkin Lymphona. Every 3 weeks I made the trip back to be by his side as he battled.

We are now both NED…

I have since had 2 more surgeries in relation to my double mastectomy and hope to have a final in October. I am embracing the challenges & the life I have been given. I have taken what life has handed to me & use it to drive my passion of supporting others.